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Are Sam Loyd’s puzzles educational?

Sam Loyd’s puzzles are the ideal teaching aids for educators all over the world and are now enjoyed in classrooms from the USA to France. Sam Loyd wrote “I have always treated and considered puzzles from an educational standpoint, for the reason that they constitute a species of mental gymnastics which sharpen the wits, clear fog and cobwebs from the brain and school the mind to concentrate properly.

Comparatively but few people know how to think properly. As a school for mechanical ingenuity, for stirring up the gray matter in the brain, puzzle practice stands unique and alone.

“We see how the average boy, who abhors square root or algebra, will find delight in working out puzzles which involve identically the same principles. It makes one think that millions of earnest students who would really have loved to learn, have been abandoned as incorrigible blockheads, because those who had charge of their education did not know who to interest them in their studies. An aversion to figures and desire to forget all about mathematics as soon as one leaves school is almost universal, and yet, if the subject had been taught in more congenial way, the mathematics and inventive bumps might have developed in a way to astonish the family phrenologist.

“We could mention scores of noted scientist who like Tyndall, Huxley, Humboldt, Darwin, Edison, Bacon, Euler, Herschell and Proctor, were all pronounced puzzlists in their early days, so, upon axiom that the bend of the twig imparts the incline of a tree, it is safe to say that their early puzzle training gave the bent to their minds which in after years inclined them to grapple with problems of greater magnitude.”

The school children are absorbing knowledge of which old folks knew nothing, and to-day they represent the most intelligent and best informed class of people on the face of the earth.

As a school for cleverness and ingenuity, designed to make a recreation of hard study; as an aid to both scholar and teacher in directing the mind to think aright, I dedicated this work (my puzzles) to the school children of America.”

This work has been endorsed by prominent educators, who recommend it as a great home instructor.


I am an educator can I use your puzzles in the classroom?

Yes teachers/educators have full permission to print our mathematical puzzles and use them as teaching aides. If you would like us to provide you with the answers please email us at We do ask that you always credit Sam Loyd and The Sam Loyd Company with these puzzles and direct people to our website if they would like to know more about Sam Loyd.


Can I purchase your puzzles such as Get Off the Earth etc & use them at teaching aids?

Yes we have teachers/educators from all over the world who purchase our puzzles and use them as teaching aids. We also include FREE pocket puzzles that you can give to your students. One such teacher wrote the following.

I just purchased the Trick Donkey puzzles and a few others and WOW! I use them as free time activities in my math class and the kids love them! The interesting graphics and simplicity of the puzzles are less threatening than other more complicated puzzles, but no less challenging! Really gives their brains a workout!

Christie Jernigan
Old Town, Maine USA
31st October 2008


Can I publish your puzzles in our school/college magazine?

Please email us at seeking permission and tell us about your newspaper or magazine. We ask that you give credit to Sam Loyd and The Sam Loyd Company in your publication.